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The Trident Factory

Hello, and Welcome here.

and I’m a French parisian freelancer, ready to create, design and develop your projects, even the wildests ones.
It looks as like it's your lucky day, because I'm available for any new projet. So, if you have one, maybe it's time for us to talk about it.

What I do


Maybe you have a new project on your mind. Or maybe your actual site needs an extrem makeover. Well, I can help you with that, and create a new product for you, a new beautiful face, a renewed stronger identity.
Nowadays, It's really important to be sure that your website is fully accessible for your visitors, no matter what device they're using (Desktop computer, mobile, tablet). That's why you need your site to be as responsive, and gorgeous as possible on any device.


Now that you have your amazing new design (even it is not as amazing as mine, but whatever), it needs to become a real website. And I can help you with that too.
By using a Content Management System ( also called CMS ) like Wordpress ( a free and powerfull CMS ), you can manage your website really easily and change texts, images, pages, even the navigation, if you want to, by yourself.


Maybe your project isn't juste a simple website for you, your company, or one of its products, but more like an app or a tool, a really specific thing. Well, if your project is more like that and needs a specific and complete development, I can give you a hand or do it for you.

recent work

Cabinet caty richard

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